BBB Spark Award

Presented by SmileDirectClub

BBB Spark award Sponsored by SmileDirectClub

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Eligibility Criteria

The BBB Spark Award, presented by SmileDirectClub, honors eligible social entrepreneurs, startup founders and new business owners that cultivate the Three C’s of Trust: Character, Culture and Community. These individuals are the future of a trusted marketplace, who are creating businesses that will transform and enhance the communities they serve. They inspire all of us and are just getting started.  

The BBB Spark Award is bestowed upon entrepreneurs 35 years and under or new businesses operating for less than three years. Through an easy application process, business owners who demonstrate the Three C’s of Trust can apply for the BBB Spark Award. 

The 2022 BBB Spark Award application deadline is August 26.

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2022 BBB Spark Award application deadline: August 26

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The Three C's of Trust


The character of the leader shapes the business in every decision. A business leader will be tempted to make decision that are unethical or immoral. A leader of exemplary character stands strong in making good decisions and are role models.  

Character traits include integrity, fairness, transparency, honesty, self-sacrifice, self-control, servant leaders, are teachable and have maturity. 


A culture celebrating the team and aligned with the mission. A business that celebrates each member of its team as being an important contributor to the mission. Both the leader and the team co-create the culture.  

Culture should demonstrate collaboration with team, a reflection of character, compassion, transparency, respect, values, passion, celebrate each other. 


The community is a key stakeholder for the business. Businesses balancing the profit goals of the business with the needs of the community give back more than they take. They gift treasure, time, and/or talent to helping their community get ahead.  

In tune with the community, collaborative, inclusive, invested, social impact, giving back. 

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Do you know a person or an organization making a positive impact? Nominate them for the 2022 BBB Spark Awards!

Deadline to nominate is June 30.

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